"Thus the joy of the child in and with his environment must be reckoned among the forces that build and mould the physical organs. Teachers he needs with happy look and manner, and above all, with an honest unaffected love. A love which, as it were, streams through the physical environment of the child with warmth may literally be said to ‘hatch out’ the forms of the physical organs.

The child who lives in such an atmosphere of love and warmth, and who has around him really good examples for his imitation, is living in his right element. One should therefore strictly guard against anything being done in the child’s presence that he must not imitate".  - Rudolf Steiner

Anthroposophy (which can be translated as ‘the consciousness of our humanity’) offers a pathway of understanding for those who are interested in developing an appreciation of humanity, life and the world from the perspective of spiritual science. The work of Rudolf Steiner informs and guides those who strive to apply their understanding of the anthroposophical approach to the growth and development of the incarnating child: body, soul and spirit. His work, including many thousands of lectures, his books and his teachings, offered insights into ways to bring spiritual understanding into our daily experience. Many individuals around the world have incorporated his wisdom into their approach to life and to their work in education, as well as in medicine and health related disciplines, agriculture, architecture, to name a few.