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NEW!! Early Childhood Wisdom: A Book about Steiner Playgroups for Parents and Educators of Young Children

Ebba Bodame and Meg Quinlisk

The Steiner playgroup setting supports both the child who is just starting out on her social life and the parent who is embarking on the journey of making a family life.

Ebba says, “This book outlines my own experience; what I have done, and the ingredients that have gone into my playgroups over the last twenty years, and my work with the young child and parents in preschools and kindergartens over forty years. During these years, I have put so much of myself – my thoughts, my conscious understanding of what’s good for children and their parents, and my enthusiasm for early childhood – that I want to share my experiences.”

Playgroup leaders will find gathered here the ingredients which they may cook up into a rich and full year. Parents as well will find stories, games and activities which can be incorporated at home to enrich the child’s daily life. Throughout the book are sprinkled “drops of wisdom” – suggestions specifically for parents which will be beneficial in the practical and spiritual roles of homemaking and parenting.

Dr Renate Long-Breipohl

'Supporting Self-directed Play in Steiner-Waldorf Early Childhood Education' -

'Under the Stars' -

Susan Perrow

'Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviour'; 'Therapeutic Storytelling'; 'An A-Z of Behaviour Tales' -

'The Spoonful Collection' and 'The Adventures of Little Silk'  -

Sally Jenkinson

The Genius of Play -

Susan Laing

'Conscious Creative Courageous Living With Children' Website

Kim John Payne

Simplicity Parenting; The Soul of Discipline -

Free To Learn – Introducing Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Education. Author: Lynne Oldfield. Publisher: Hawthorn Press. 

Understanding the Steiner Waldorf Approach (Early years education in practice series) Authors: Janni Nicol and Jill Taplin. Publisher: Routledge. 

Work and Play In Early Childhood. Author: Freya Jaffke. Publisher: Floris Books 

Bringing the Steiner Waldorf Approach to your Early Years Practice (Part of a Series of Comparative Approaches to Early Childhood). Author: Janni Nicol. Publisher: David Fulton. 

Ready to Learn. Authors: Martyn Rawson and Michael Rose. Publisher: Hawthorn Press 

You are Your Child’s First Teacher. Author: Rahima Baldwin Dancy. Publisher: Hawthorn Press. 

Well I Wonder – Childhood in the Modern World. Author: Sally Schweizer. Publisher: Sophia Books. 

Meeting the Child in Steiner Kindergartens: An exploration of beliefs values and practices. Edited by Rod Parker-Rees. Routledge 2011 

Waldorf Education. Authors: Christopher Clouder and Martyn Rawson. Floris Books. 

Festivals, Family and Food. Authors: D Carey & J Large. Publisher: Hawthorn. 

All Year Round. Authors: A Druitt, C Fynes-Clinton, & M Rowling. Publisher: Hawthorn Press. 

Toymaking with Children. Author: F Jaffke. Publisher: Floris. 

Creative Play with your Baby. Authors: Christopher Clouder & Janni Nicol. Publisher: Gaia Books. 

Creative Play with your Toddler. Authors: Christopher Clouder & Janni Nicol. Publisher: Gaia Books. 

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