The Art of Early Childhood Education


Foundations for the Early Childhood Educator is a part-time course of study for people working with young children in a school setting, whether teacher, assistant, support staff or administrator. The program intends to provide an introduction and overview of the principles that underpin Steiner/Waldorf early childhood education.

The course will be held on 8 weekends spread across the year, some during school term and some during non-term time. The programme begins on Saturday mornings at 9am to 5.30pm and finishes on Sunday at 5.30pm, however, depending on the constellation of participants, the finish could be negotiated to an earlier time. Morning and afternoon tea and lunch are provided.

There will be lectures related to the Anthroposophical perspective of human nature, early childhood development, as well as the elements of early childhood pedagogy. Artistic activities include singing, story- telling, puppetry, and Morning Circle. Handwork for the educator includes sewing, felting, knitting and puppet- and toy-making.

Assignments are practical and relevant: including handwork, song and story-writing, creating a morning circle, and written child observation.

The course coordinator, Connie Grawert, has extensive experience as an early childhood teacher, consultant and trainer. Connie will deliver some sessions, support and guide tutors and students. All tutors will be experienced in their field and in early childhood education. Administration and logistics will be handled by Samford Valley Steiner School as part of the Art of Education program.



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A Journey of Becoming

Understanding human physiology as an inner pathway to Waldorf Pedagogy. The Young Child

with Lakshmi Prasanna and Patries Orange

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This week aims for each individual to find her/his own relationship to Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual science in relation to understanding human physiology as an inner pathway to Waldorf Pedagogy, and to foster and awaken ongoing personal and professional development and growth. Themes will be:

  • ‘Unbornness’, life before birth

  • Embryology

  • First three years of child development

  • Developmental stages of body, soul and spirit

  • The life and development of the Human organs and its relevance in the Waldorf curriculum

  • The physiology of the Foundation Stone Meditation

Dr Lakshmi works as an education consultant, school physician and lecturer for child development and health promotion in school communities in Australia, New Zealand and India. Patries Orange is an internationally practicing Eurythmy Therapist, teacher trainer and the UK, New Zealand, USA, China and Australia.